Important Goals for Dental Office Manager Training

Posted on: August 25, 2020

dental office manager training Palm Desert, CA

Dental office manager training is important for anyone who has just become the office manager of a dental practice. Usually, the people who attain the position start by being a receptionist or dental assistant. While you may have many years of experience in dentistry, formal management training is advisable for efficiency on the job. Even with a previous management course, a refresher course is certainly a good idea.

Objectives for dental office manager training

It is important to note that management training is not restricted to those who are still learning how to manage a dental practice. It is also suitable for dentists and managers who think they would benefit from additional training in employee relations, team motivation, conflict resolution and basic human resources.

The role of the dental office manager is to help the dental staff in whatever way possible to improve their efficiency, competency and productivity, ultimately building a profitable practice that renders top-notch service to patients. Office managers need to be highly competent and honest, which should be visible and mirrored by every staff member. The goals of dental office manager training include the following.

Human resources

The most crucial aspect of an office manager’s role is understanding how to handle employee relations. Their new role requires that they resolve conflict and manage any situation they encounter effectively and efficiently. Sometimes this part is overlooked in the dental practice, and lack of training can cause management issues in the dental office.

If there is no employee manual, the office manager will need to work toward creating one. They have to develop a disciplinary system and create modalities for performance evaluations on a regular basis. These are the things the manager needs to learn in order to build a successful human resources department.

Effective team management

A dental office has many different personality types. The office manager needs to learn to recognize the different personalities in the practice who will help them with proper team management. A team with diversified personality types is essential. Every member of the team brings their uniqueness to the office to make it distinct and create a free and fair office setting. The differences are beneficial, but learning to manage the differences will help minimize conflicts.

Team motivation

The members of the dental office staff are not just employees–they should be a team and be treated as members of such. The dental office manager needs to learn to show team appreciation and motivate their team to be accountable for the success of the office. This could include organizing team appreciation events, team reward systems or goal-based bonus systems. The manager has to know how to get the team to work together and treat the office like it is their business. They need to motivate and make them accountable for the office’s success.

In conclusion

Becoming a successful manager in the dental office goes beyond your knowledge in the dental field. The dental office manager training, usually provided by a dental consultant, can help you learn about human resources and effective management. Without the extra training, sometimes, you may find yourself struggling in some areas, which can cause management problems.

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