How Dental Consultants Boost Practice Revenue

Posted on: September 6, 2023

Dental Consultant Palm Desert, CA

Dental consultants assist dentists in growing their practices—which includes increasing revenue. The goal is to help dentists treat more patients, improving the community’s dental health. There are many ways to accomplish this. This article will explore the most common ways dental consultants can help a practice grow.

Streamline workflow

Streamlining the workflow of a dental practice lays the foundation for revenue growth, as the practice will run more efficiently. A dental consultant will take the following steps to achieve this goal:

Update administrative processes

One of the first steps a dental consultant may take is to update the practice’s current administrative processes, such as those pertaining to scheduling and maintaining patient records. With better processes in place, the practice can avoid common hiccups. For example, a well-maintained filing system can prevent the loss or misplacement of patient records. A simple scheduling system ensuring one room remains open can decrease wait times and empower the staff to stay on schedule.

Develop staff training

A dental consultant may also develop training programs to educate staff on the new administrative processes. Other staff training programs may focus more on updates to their day-to-day operations, how to better interact with patients, and any changes to dental industry guidelines. Undertrained staff can cause a business in any sector to flounder; however, keeping one’s staff up to date will not only make the dentist’s life easier but also improve employee morale.

Improve patient experience

The happier the patient, the more likely they are to return for their next teeth cleaning. A great patient experience can lead to better patient retention and more patient referrals, thereby increasing revenue. A dental consultant will work to improve patient experience through the following actions:

Upgrade patient communication

A dental office needs to prioritize patient communication. With poor communication, the patient may miss their biannual dental cleanings or even switch dentists entirely. A dental consultant can train office staff, dental assistants, and dentists to improve their communication with their patients. For office staff, this may mean calling to confirm appointments; for dental assistants and dentists, this may look like checking in on how the patient is doing throughout the appointment, especially if the patient is new or has dental anxiety.

Curate a more welcoming environment

Creating a more welcoming environment makes it more likely for a patient to return. While this involves upgrading patient communication, it may also mean redecorating the office to be more comfortable and inviting. Depending on the size of the practice, a dental consultant may recommend having multiple office staff to help patients check in and several chairs to allow them to wait comfortably. Keeping the space clean can also work wonders.

Expand services

Dental consultants may recommend expanding services to increase revenue. Often, this may mean offering clear aligners to straighten teeth or professional teeth whitening. Let the dental consultant know if the dentist is qualified and interested in expanding their services.

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