Dentist Coach Services: Practice Anaysis [Overview]

Posted on: January 24, 2020

dentist coach Palm Desert, CA

Your dental practice can benefit from a dentist coach. A dental practice consultant will analyze your practice. The analysis will provide you with important insights for improving your practice. Find out what to expect when you get a practice analysis.

A practice analysis by a dentist coach

During the practice analysis, the dentist coach will look at various aspects of your practice. The analysis will provide the consultant with information regarding the health of the practice. Once the practice is analyzed, the coach can help it improve. Learn what the dental coach looks for when conducting an analysis.

Standard of care

A dental practice consultant analyzes the standard of care the practice provides. The staff provides guidelines on the standard of care it wants to offer. These guidelines include the number of exams and X-rays patients should receive each year. The consultant will look at the hard data to see if the practice is meeting its standard of care.

Potential production

The dentist coach determines the practice’s potential production during the analysis. Far too many practices put all their time into bringing in new patients. Patient recruitment is important, but practices also need to get current patients to meet the standard of care. The coach will help the practice cash in on opportunities that have been missed.

New patient conversion rates

New patients are still an important part of a practice’s revenue stream. The coach will look at marketing statistics to determine how many people schedule appointments after seeing marketing materials. Then, the coach will determine how many of those patients show up and stay with the practice. The coach will provide tools to help the practice convert and retain more new patients.

Procedure analysis

The consultant will analyze the procedures the practice provides. This includes the percentage of each procedure and the rates for the procedures. Many practices do not charge enough for procedures. This information helps practices raise rates if needed.

Employee analysis

Employees have roles within a practice. Sometimes, though, those roles get overlapped. This causes issues with production. The coach will look at the roles of each employee to ensure people are completing the jobs they were hired to do.

Access to financials

A coach must also look at access to the practice’s financials. Can the money be embezzled? If so, the coach will provide measures to help practices protect the funds. Measures might include segregating the duties and conducting informal audits. Once the practice puts the measures in place, the money will be protected.

Hire a dentist coach

A practice consultant can help you build a healthy practice. The consultant will analyze your standard of care, potential production and new patient conversion rates. The consultant will also look at the procedures you perform and the roles your employees fill. The consultant will even determine if your practice is at risk for embezzlement. Once the analysis is conducted, the consultant will suggest measures to make your practice stronger.

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