Dental Practice Consultant – Hygiene Recall [FAQs]

Posted on: October 30, 2019

dental practice consultant Palm Desert, CA

A dental practice consultant has many critical roles. If you have never worked with one before in your practice, now may be the right time to get started. This professional can help with your dental practice in many ways, including retaining patients. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a recall system you can feel good about and know will work the way you want. A consultant can suggest a good system to keep your office running smoothly. The professional will also help you schedule patients for follow-up visits.

What is a recall system?

Regardless of the types of business a person opens and runs, efficiency is important. It is difficult for team members to manage critical tasks without an effective system. The system will organize and track appointments and responsibilities. In dental practices, a recall system is a strategy to get patients to keep coming back to the office for additional appointments. Today, most offices use software programs to accomplish this task. The software can book appointments and remind patients of the upcoming appointments.

How a dental practice consultant can help

Dentists hire consultants for many reasons. Dentists have the knowledge and training to provide dental care for patients. They also diagnose conditions and give the right treatment. However, some may not have the business sense they need to practice sound customer service. A consultant can take a look at the office’s recall systems and methods for communicating with patients. The consultant can make recommendations for changes and improvements.

Importance of follow-up appointments

The first time a patient comes into the dental office is often for a regular checkup. Here, the dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and mouth for concerning conditions. Hygienists will take X-rays and will also clean and polish the person’s teeth. After this appointment, the dentist will want to keep the patient’s business. This is important for the individual’s health and for the dentist’s business. The next appointment may be another checkup in six months. Or, it may be to fill a cavity, perform a root canal, put on a crown or do other restorative work in the coming days or weeks.

Using the recall system

A dental practice consultant will recommend using a recall system to schedule and remind patients of appointments. The team can take advantage of the system to send automatic messages to patients about the next visit. Office members could do this by making a phone call, sending a text or sending an email. The software can handle this responsibility automatically and remove the need for old-fashioned, outdated methods. A consultant can guide the dentist in how to craft these messages in an effective way that does not turn off patients.

Let a dental practice consultant help you

One of the most crucial goals you have with your practice should be to get patients back through the door after an initial visit. With everything you have going on at your office, you will need some help. Use a consultant to recommend ways to manage your recall system. You can keep more patients this way and continue to build your business.

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