Dental Continuing Education Courses

Posted on: January 16, 2018

We offer dental continuing education courses. As a dentist, it is important to keep up with your education and to continue to remain cutting edge when it comes to patient treatments and care. This ensures that your practice can continue to thrive. Otherwise, a lack of continuing education could be responsible for your practice being surpassed by other providers in the area. For example, if new techniques are available and the dentist is unaware of them, but a dentist nearby is offering them for patients, it may lead to a loss of market share.

Meeting continuing education requirements

It is also important to stay up to date in order to meet requirements for continuing education as they pertain to licensure. In California, 50 credits are required every two years to remain licensed. This includes:

  • Infection Control – 2 hours
  • California Dental Practice Act – 4 hours
  • BLS – 4 hours max

The ADA publishes these requirements:

These requirements are typically in place to protect patients by ensuring that dentists are remaining aware of any adjustments to health information, policy or technology. By offering them, we make it easier to obtain the information they need.

Convenient offerings

We understand how busy our dental clients are since running a practice is hard work and it takes considerable time and effort. Thus, we do what we can to ensure that our dental continuing education courses are convenient and easy to attend. This makes it possible to meet necessary requirements without taking much time away from running the practice and treating patients.

Support tools

Our dental continuing education courses also come with a variety of support tools. After a dentist completes the course, he or she will have the information and tools that they need to access and utilize later on. Again, we make these support tools easy to access because we understand how busy our clients are.

Valuable courses

Often, dentists will find dental continuing education courses to be dry, boring or lacking in value. In contrast, dentists that attend and participate in our courses find them to be incredibly valuable and useful in the running of a practice. our goal is to continue providing dentists with the education, resources and tools they need to provide quality services.

Discover your options

To learn more about our course offerings or to register for one, visit our website or give us a call. We will be happy to provide additional assistance so that you can receive the necessary training.

Some of our upcoming classes and events are:

  • CAD/CAM Training
  • Changing dental plans
  • Marketing to millennials
  • The Business of Dentistry
  • Cutting Edge Tech
  • NC Office Manager Training 1 and 2
  • The Science of Technology: Treating Patients with Sleep Apnea

These are just a few of the classes and events you will find on our website. We are updating this list constantly and can also work with dentists to customize specific training and course opportunities.